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Aerial Dispersion (scattering) of Cremated Remains

Our special service provides closure for family members who have experienced the loss of a loved one. We provide aerial dispersion "scattering" of cremated remains off California's Big Sur coastline. The unsurpassed beauty of this mountainous seacoast along Highway 1 is well known. My flights depart from the beautiful green Salinas Valley (featured in John Steinbeck's famous book, "East of Eden"), cross over one of the original California Missions near Soledad, and continue over the Santa Lucia Mountain Range to the Big Sur coastline. I especially like to fly out over the historic and very scenic Point Sur Lighthouse area (shown in the picture above).

State of California Regulations define where the aerial dispersion of cremated remains may take place. Special Note: Aerial dispersion over land is possible, but requires the landowners written permission. Avoid getting seasick on a boat. Let me fly this special mission of "closure" for you.

I am a licensed Commercial Pilot. All flights will be made by myself and a copilot (as a certifying witness). Our aircraft is fully licensed and certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). I am licensed by the State of California Cemetery Board for Cremated Remains Dispersion (CRD); Registration #444. I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force and would encourage you to call the personal references I have listed. We appreciate your trust and hold the deepest respect for families who have used our service.

You will receive a beautiful "NOTARIZED" Dispersion Certificate detailing the date, time and exact location (latitude & longitude) of the dispersion along with a "very personal" Pilot's Note.

I am a licensed Commercial PilotOnce we receive your loved one's cremated remains, they will be dispersed in a timely manner, weather permitting.

Note: You may request to coordinate the dispersion date and personally witness the dispersion flight. My goal is to make a difficult time, easier for you.

Call for a price list of our aerial dispersion service options. Payment is required at the time of pickup. If you so desire, we will personally pickup cremated remains from your home or from any Funeral Chapel.

I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force

*Note: The dispersion of beloved pet remains can also be done upon special request.

If you have any questions, please call me: "J.T." (John Thomas) Rethke
Business Phone: (831) 578-0490 in Monterey, CA
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 Personal References:
Robert Eddington (Funeral Director), (805) 238-4383

Wayne Handley Aerosports Inc. (831) 596-5820

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